Truce Coaching Certification:
A New Paradigm of Change

The Truce Coaching Certification (TCC) is for rebel change agents who want to uplevel their confidence, impact, and business by learning how to confidently go deeper with clients who are seeking complex change.

TCC is trauma-informed, and certified through ICF and BCNS for continuing education credits.

To Get a sneak peek behind the curtain of the TCC magic, register below and check out the limited replays of these three events:

1: When Atomic Habits Implode: The Structure of Complex Change

​In this workshop, we discussed:

  • The two types of change ​
  • When Atomic Habits/traditional habit development makes sense and when it sets clients back. ​
  • The archetype we must evolve into as change agents for an increasingly changing and unpredictable world. ​
  • How embracing adaptive change radically shifts our relationship with clients and their results. ​
  • Why a focus on more agency, not more tools, is the goal.

2: Walk Your Talk More Deeply: The Business Case for Personal Development

I loved this conversation! Mara asked me one of my favorite questions, which involved how TCC addresses the idea of "thoughts create feelings", which is essentially cognitive behavioral coaching (CBC).

CBC is the most popular form of coaching simply because it mirrors our cultural norms, which are disembodied and reductionist. For example, your nervous system body picks up on environmental cues that generate feelings then thoughts. This is one of several ways traditional "mindset" work can only take clients so far.

There's of course value to CBC.

​And, it's missing major pieces to you and your client's puzzle.

I talk much more in depth about this at the end of the recording. If you sense something is missing from the mainstream coaching education and conversation, you are intuitive and wise.

Our chat at the end illuminates what's missing and how we incorporate these missing pieces into TCC (and why it's so powerful and different).

We also discussed:

  • Why and how working on your own goal and story improves the issue you're working on, your business, and life (i.e. the mechanism of action)
  • ​The story I worked on in 2015 that saved me from shutting down my business upon burn-out and helped me cross the six-figure business mark while working less and having more fun (and cringe given I am all about women's equality!)
  • ​Four TCC grads examples of how working through the story keeping them stuck in their challenge led to the wildest and unexpected improvements (the power of holistic, not reductionist, approaches!)
  • ​Sneak peek of the first TCC module, connecting what you'll work on with your story that is currently limiting your relief and results

3: TCC Alumni Open House

And, in our final event, we gathered with four TCC Alumni, and Isabella who will be joining us this round, and discussed the varied and interesting things TCC Alumni are doing business and personal wise thanks to TCC.

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